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Things to do while staying at Lou Moon Eco Luxury Resort

Lou Moon Eco Luxury Resort offers many exciting things to do. Although the Resort is known for its incredible beauty and breath-taking natural surroundings, a place where you can relax, unwind and enjoy the bounty of Africa’s hospitality, we know not everyone is looking for a relaxing and scenic holiday. Don’t worry we have all you resident adrenaline junkies sorted, with various activities and loads of things to do.

We know there are those looking for some action-packed fun, wanting to experience a rush or just try something new and interesting. We also know that for those of you who are parents a holiday isn’t always as relaxing as you would’ve hoped and then there are even those single couples looking for things to do together, but still want to relax and enjoy themselves. It doesn’t matter however what the reason, because Lou Moon has a great variety of activities perfect for children and adults alike, for those who seek adventure or those who seek rest.  

So whether swimming in the natural bay, taking a boat trip out to sea, or taking advantage of our outdoor facilities, there are enough things to do to keep everybody entertained.

Our Activities:

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Boat Trip

Take an hour excursion out to sea on a motor boat to enjoy the beauty of West Africa's coastline and seascapes. Keep an eye on the open ocean and if you are lucky you might get to see a passing whale or orca. The boat takes a maximum of 4 passengers. Please enquire at reception for details.

Kayaking and Paddleboards

Our kayaks are available for guests to use on complimentary basis. This is a self-powered activity which allows you to explore the stunning Lou Moon bay area, get some excersise and enjoy both the sun and the sea at the same time. Please enquire at reception for details.


The Resort has a few hiking trails around the bay area. They offer an opportunity for good excersise and exploration of the local fauna and flora, but are not too strenuous and is perfect for the entire family. Twitterers will be in their element with some of the abundant birdlife that is bound to make an appearence. Please enquire at reception for further details

Beach Massage

Lou Moon's private and serene beachside massage setting is always available on weekends and can specially be requested on weekdays. Take some time to pamper yourself, unwind and zone out to the soothing sound of the waves lapping at the shore. Their is no better location for a relaxing massage. Bookings in advance are advisable

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