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Picture of fine cuisine on leaf platter

Food Glorious Food

Food has a way to bring people together, it is rich with heritage which binds us all. Lou Moon celebrates this bringing together rich heritage and culinary perfection in a world class restaurant.

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True by Nature

Sunsets. There’s something magical about watching the sun go down, creating beautiful colours in the sky, reflections on the water and shadows on the ground. And with over 158 million pictures on Instagram tagged with #sunset, the world agrees! Many of us have great memories of sunsets in particular places, perhaps shared with loved ones […]

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5 Best Beach Honeymoons in Ghana

A romantic honeymoon in a secluded beach paradise is the ultimate treat for a newlywed couple. Our guest blogger, Tash Morgan-Etty, has thoroughly researched the top beach hotels and lodges in Ghana, and compared them based on price, location, facilities, beach access, food and drinks, any available honeymoon package, and – most importantly – guest reviews. […]

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