Lou Moon Eco-Luxury Resort offers the very best of paradise living. Nestled in a gorgeous beachside cove it has the most beautiful ocean views and is completely surrounded by nature. The ideal place for anyone wanting to relax and enjoy the more natural beauty of Africa.

Our Accommodation options feature Island Chalets and Villas or Bay View Rooms all nestled on the edges of the cove and on the island accessible just off the coast, where we cater for your every fancy.

Whether you wish to wake up to a sunrise over the horizon of the ocean or hear the birds of the forest chirping early in the morning there is suitable accommodation style for you.


Relax in the tranquil beauty

Being surrounded by nature brings peace and tranquillity and can greatly improve ones well being. Lou Moon Eco-Luxury Resort is renowned for its breathtaking nature scenes and the Resort focuses on constantly highlighting the beauty of its natural surroundings even in the design of its accommodation. The focus on nature and the beauty of Africa creates a tranquil environment so you can relax, unwind and enjoy yourself.


Looking for Accommodation?

Maybe one of these amazing options catches your fancy. Our Island Villas are both romantic and great for the whole family with breathtaking views overlooking the ocean and a pool feature perfect for relaxing. The Island Chalets, situated on a small island just off the coast offer spectacular panoramic views of the nature surrounding the island as well as the ocean. Being near the water’s edge, the Island Chalets are perfect for those who enjoy the sound of the waves crashing against the shore at night. Our Bay View Rooms & spacious, top floor, Suite offers an amazing view over the private bay area as well as the serene Lou Moon gardens.

Lou Moon has amazing accommodation options that are designed to be in tune with the surrounding nature and scenery as well as offering picture-perfect views of the ocean, a perfect 5-star getaway destination for anyone who loves nature and wants to relax.

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