Lou Moon Resort is a Sun kissed Paradise

Nestled within a beach cove, surrounded by dense luscious green forest the resort is a jewel of nature, akin to the garden of Eden. The breath-taking view of the sapphire blue waters framed with the forests surrounding the cove. It is the perfect Holiday destination in Western Africa.

Embark on a journey of discovery, experiencing the rich heritage of the Ghanaian culture while enjoying the best of Ghanaian cuisine and hospitality.

Happiness is our mission

The mission of Lou Moon Eco Luxury Resort is keeping our customers happy. Your needs come first, and every Lou Moon staff member is dedicated to ensuring that you enjoy your stay.

Resort Bay


Our goal is to create memorable experiences for our guests and everything from the outdoor activities to your dining experiences to your accommodation have all been created and selected to ensure an enjoyable stay for people of all shapes and sizes. Whether you are looking for a romantic couple getaway or a family fun holiday, you will have the experience of a lifetime at Lou Moon Eco Luxury Resort.

The beauty is within the ‘nature’ of the Resort

And we do mean this literally…

The resort is the epitome of African beauty. With white sandy beaches, clear blue sky and luscious green forests it is a picture perfect holiday destination. What makes its beauty even more surreal is the fact that every part of the resort aims to celebrate the nature surrounding it. With every structure built entirely out of local, natural materials it is designed to be in harmony with nature.

This makes the nature of the resort quite tranquil. A peaceful place where one can relax and unwind from the stress of everyday life.

To do or not to do… That is the question

Besides the relaxing properties that being so close to nature provides, we do offer some fantastic activities that will entice both young and old.

If however none of the amazing activities offered catch your fancy there are also plenty of things to do outside the resort, just a short drive away. Ghana is a culture rich society with an exciting past. Discover this heritage and become just a little closer with its people by visiting some culture rich sites such as the Fort San Antonio.

Culinary heritage at its finest


Lou Moon Eco Luxury Resort has an amazing restaurant, which beyond serving up amazing food, with the finest of culinary skill, also celebrates the heritage and history of Ghana’s people with every bite.

Tantalize your taste buds and go on an culinary adventure. Experience the bounty of Africa and the taste of Ghana paired off with the finest culinary mastery and the suave food style to match.

Choose Lou Moon Eco Luxury Resort

So if you are looking for a fantastic holiday experience, set in paradise, filled with glorious food and filled with relaxation and fun for those adventurous or tame, for the love birds and happy families…

Well then look no further than Lou Moon Eco Luxury Resort.