True by Nature

Sunsets. There’s something magical about watching the sun go down, creating beautiful colours in the sky, reflections on the water and shadows on the ground. And with over 158 million pictures on Instagram tagged with #sunset, the world agrees!

Many of us have great memories of sunsets in particular places, perhaps shared with loved ones or simply in a spectacular location. Where did you experience your most memorable sunset? At Lou Moon Lodge you can relax in the spacious luxury of the elegant rooms, all opening on to a wide terrace area with seating and sumptuous sun-loungers.

Then why not cool off in your own infinity plunge pool while taking in the breath-taking ocean view.
It’s easy to imagine yourself the hero of your very own castaway adventure when you awake in the palm-thatched bedroom of one of the Island Villas with only the sound and sights of the ocean around you.

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