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Food… Something that is common across all cultures and every manner of person, bringing with it many different connotations. Some think of food as their happy place, others think of it as an indulgence and some even regard it as an art form, but no matter what you believe food to be or not to be, one thing is for certain and that is the fact that food holds uncountable memories.

Just a cuisine or a representation of a people?

Food is a universal language and maybe the one thing that unites all of humanity, but like any language food has its own slang which comes in the form of different Cuisines. Over generations different cultures around the globe have each created their own array of comfort foods, recipes which have been passed down for generations and which very often defines a nation.

If I say the word pasta I am sure that Italian crossed your mind somewhere or if I say Baklava you might be akin to think Greek. Food isn’t just something to satisfy your hunger, food has evolved to become the very embodiment of the cultures and the people of this world.

With cuisine and culture also comes the heritage. Most iconic dishes of different cultures have their roots buried far in the past, marked with great historical significance and often times these dishes are just known for bringing people together in unlikely circumstances. Food is saturated with heritage and in so many cases food can bring together a people of a nation purely by the history shared within a single simple dish.

Ghana… Cuisine & Culture Central

Ghana is a country that is filled to the brim with heritage, culture and most definitely cuisine. Like most African countries Ghana’s cuisine is heavily influenced by it’s colonial past as well as the history of its own indigenous people.

Cassava and Yams are both indigenous to Ghana and are probably the most iconic Ghanian food items you will ever find. Inspiring a multitude of local dishes, these humble yet delicious plants are a staple of Ghanian cuisine and are packed with history and cultural heritage. Whats more is that over the decades the Cassava and Yams have also been well integrated into dishes styled after European Cuisine & Culture.

Being an African country which has been colonialised by many a European nation over the years, from the Portuguese to the English, Ghana has developed a cuisine that perfectly mirrors its native and colonial past. Featuring native dishes re-imagined with colonial twists and using the finest of Ghanian produce to create an inspired Cuisine that has people from all over the world coming back for more.

Lou Moon Embraces all things Cuisine & Culture

Lou Moon Eco Luxury Resort is all about celebrating the natural beauty of Ghana as well as the beauty of Ghana’s rich cultural heritage. This includes the heritage of Ghana’s cuisine.

Beyond the heritage and culture which food celebrates, food also unites people, bringing people together, it allows people to share memories and to create new ones. There is nothing on this earth that can get people to set aside their differences quite like a good bowl of food and it is this the ability for food to unite and excite which Lou Moon celebrates most.

Lou Moon’s exclusive restaurant combines fine culinary skills with the celebration of the rich heritage of Ghana’s Cuisine & Culture, melding them together into a beautiful tapestry of flavors that not only entice the pallet, but tells the story of the deep rooted and magnificent Ghanian culture.

Embark on a Journey

Book your stay at the Lou Moon Eco Luxury Resort now and discover the bounty of Ghanian Cuisine & Culture. Travel through time, with your taste-buds as your guide while you journey through the history and heritage of Ghanian culture. With flavours, dishes and culinary styles both old and new, Lou Moon’s exclusive restaurant offers you the flavours of Ghana and Africa at your fingertips (Or rather tongue-tips)

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